Water Damage Photo Gallery

Floods, Floods, Floods!

Damages like this one shown above is no unfamiliar site for us this time of the year. When the ground freezes and then thaws due to an increase in temperature, ground water can sometimes seep into your homes structure and look like this!

Damp Laundry

SERVPRO of The Attleboros responded to a call in Berkley, where a couple had reported flooding in their unfinished basement. Thinking that it was related to a recent rainstorm, our professionals were surprised when they found it to be from the home's washing machine's inlet connection. A simple fix, the disaster was "Like it never even happened."

Entire Floor Dried

SERVPRO of The Attleboros removed all of the carpeting that had been soaked from a rainstorm in the family room of a Swansea home. We then placed the necessary drying equipment to make the flood, "Like it never even happened."

Unpleasant Surprise in Home's Basement

Ever wonder why your basement floods easily? Water follows the path of least resistance, finding cracks, and holes through basement walls. This home's basement in Somerset was dealt with the unfortunate situation of waking up with extensive water damage in their downstairs cellar. Our crews went in and made the situation, "Like it never even happened."

Flooded Wall & Floor - Removed

This was the aftermath of a broken pipeline that found its way into a Seekonk home. Our crews responded equipped to attack the issue. We removed the infected rug and made sure that there was no mold growing underneath the drywall.

Watch out for Mud!

As you can tell by the photo, the recent rainstorm left this home's basement a complete disaster. Over two inches of water were recorded both inside and outside of the house. Although a challenge, our crews made the disaster, "Like it never even happened."

Flooded Basement Remediated

SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island responded to an Attleboro Falls home that had experienced flooding due to a heavy rainstorm. The rainstorm found holes and cracks within the structure and created a mess. Our crews went in, removed all of the water, and deodorized the area. 

Basement Flooring Removed

After receiving substantial water damage, this home's basement required removal of all flooring. Had our crews not arrived in a timely manner, the spread of water may have caused the homeowner to consider a complete remodel of the basement.