Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Flooded Dining room - Attleboro, MA

After a water leak from the building next door, this Attleboro business' dining room suffered from a flooding on their side as well. We placed our air movers an... READ MORE

Carpet Removal

SERVPRO of the Attleboros responded to a call concerning the removal of a rug on the stairs of a home that had been hit with a water damage in North Attleboro. ... READ MORE

Water Damage

SERVPRO of the Attleboros responded to a call in a home's basement that had been plagued with water damage. Upon arriving to the home, the crew removed the affe... READ MORE

Bedroom Damage

Upon arriving to the home, SERVPRO of the Attleboros was dealt with the task of cleaning a bedroom that had experienced extensive water damage. To begin the pro... READ MORE

Garage Wall Replaced in Attleboro Home

After a heavy rain storm, this home in Attleboro was plagued with a water intrusion that rested in the walls of the garage. In order to address the problem, SER... READ MORE

Flooded Bedroom in Foxborough, MA

After arriving to a home that was dealing with flooding due to an ice dam, our crews went into the house immediately looking to remediate the problem and get th... READ MORE

Bathroom Wall Removed in Attleboro Home

SERVPRO of the Attleboros responded to a home that had experienced a water damage to their roof. Due to the nature of the damage, the water had invaded the home... READ MORE