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Garage Post- Water Damage in North Attleboro, MA

SERVPRO of The Attleboros received a call to this North Attleboro home for water damage in the garage and in other areas of the residence. When flooding or water damage occurs, it is wise to call us because we handle it all. We will take our your dry wall or ceiling and install roof tarps or boards to keep the area habitable. We used air movers, extractors, and dehumidifiers to remove any excess water in the garage.

Post-Ceiling Removal After Water Damage in Attleboro, MA

SERVPRO of The Attleboros was called to this Attleboro, Massachusetts residence to mitigate water damage and restore the property. Not only is our team strong enough to power our hefty equipment, like our dehumidifiers and water extractors, but our team also brings ladders and building equipment to take down ceilings, install drywall, or to install roof tarps after a water or fire damage, for example. We offer building services in addition to the plethora of services we already offer (like mold remediation, bio-remediation, and air-duct/ HVAC system cleaning). 

Kitchen Nightmare in Berkley, MA

A faulty roof was the cause for this ceiling collapse at a local restaurant in southeastern Massachusetts. Thankfully for all the staff involved, the light fixture falling did not injure anyone and the restaurant was back up and running in a matter of days!

Surprise in Your Crawlspace

For about a month, this homeowner's crawlspace was accumulating rainwater due to a crack in the exterior. While the family did not notice the leak, it was the musty smell of mold that prompted the customer to pick up the phone and call SERVPRO of The Attleboros!

Commercial Water Loss

Not all office buildings are immune to water damage! This 75,000 sq. ft building fell victim to the recent polar vortex and suffered extensive damage in the basement.

Follow the Sewage Trail!

SERVPRO of The Attleboros was called to a multi-family home in Swansea, MA to address a recent sewer loss. As you can see, the sewage was dispersed throughout the entire basement leaving behind an unpleasant trail.

Floods, Floods, Floods!

Damages like this one shown above is no unfamiliar site for us this time of the year. When the ground freezes and then thaws due to an increase in temperature, ground water can sometimes seep into your homes structure and look like this!

Dirty Footprints!

SERVPRO was called to a home in Attleboro, MA where a home had flooded due to a broken pipe. To remediate, we had to tear up the carpet and perform a deep cleaning!


A puffback is a messy furnace malfunction that occurs when an oil burner backfires, sending soot throughout your home or business. It can happen all at once, covering an interior in grimy soot, or a puffback can leak soot particles more gradually. Equipped with the training, tools, and experience to quickly and efficiently clean and restore your home and business, SERVPRO of The Attleboros will help make your puffback "Like it never even happened."

Echo Dot Winner!

Congratulations to Jamie from Durand Insurance in Seekonk, MA for winning an Amazon Echo Dot!

Emerald Square Mall

Stormy and Blaze stop off at the Emerald Square Mall in North Attleboro, MA to visit their friends at Simon Malls!

North Attleborough Town Hall

Mike took some time out of his route to stop in at the North Attleborough Town Hall. Did you know that the town of North Attleborough was incorporated in 1887?

Bowl for Education

Michael Cunningham poses for a picture with Jim and Allen of Emerald Square!

Keep North Attleborough Beautiful

Our marketing representative, Michael, holds up two big bags full of shoes just before donating them to Keep North Attleborough Beautiful!


Our marketing team strongly believes that SERVPRO of The Attleboros is number one!

Remember the Eclipse?

Protect your eyes! Our Marketing Representative, Matthew, had a blast creating this wonderful contraption to see the 2017 solar eclipse! #TBT

Spa Day!

Congratulations to R.S. Gilmore Insurance Agency, Inc. on being treated to a spa night from our very own marketing representative, Matthew! A great time was had by all!

Frozen Soot Damage

Scary photo from a job-site in Dighton, Massachusetts. Soot from a grease fire in the kitchen caused soot to latch onto the above ceiling tiles. Since the freezing temperatures were very invasive, the soot actually combined with the water in the air and froze. This destroyed the electrical circuits in the ceiling. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Happy Holidays From Donald McKendall!

Owner and Operator of SERVPRO of the Attleboros would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season!

Matthew & Gene

SERVPRO employees, Matthew & Gene, had a great time contributing to the 6th Annual Patrolman Gregory W. Bolden Memorial Golf Tournament at Crestwood Country Club in Rehoboth, Massachusetts.

SMR - Matthew, Attends Rehoboth Event

On September 18th, SERVPRO attended the 6th Annual Patrolman Gregory W. Bolden Memorial Golf Tournament at Crestwood Country Club in Rehoboth, Massachusetts.

Dighton Home Boarded Up

After a recent fire damage in Dighton, our crews arrived on scene equipped with the necessary equipment to remediate the situation. After hours of hard work, we boarded up the front door in order to maintain the home's security and to protect against further damage. The owner could not have been happier with how respectful of the home our team was!

Damp Laundry

SERVPRO of The Attleboros responded to a call in Berkley, where a couple had reported flooding in their unfinished basement. Thinking that it was related to a recent rainstorm, our professionals were surprised when they found it to be from the home's washing machine's inlet connection. A simple fix, the disaster was "Like it never even happened."

Carpeting Removed From Seekonk Building

SERVPRO of The Attleboros was called to an apartment complex to remove an entire level of carpeting that was infected with a water damage. Look at just how full our van was after we removed everything! Wow!

Bathroom Demo

After a severe fire at a building complex in Attleboro, our crews arrived ready to attack the rooms that were severely infected by the fire. The owner could not believe how quickly we were able to make the disaster, "Like it never even happened."

Document Drying Chamber

Stormy and Blaze pose for a picture at the Vacuum Freezer Drying Chamber. The Document Restoration Team uses sublimation - turning a solid directly into a vapor, skipping the liquid stage to avoid causing more damage to the documents.

Red Nose Day - Touisset Country Club

SERVPRO representative, Matthew Messore, poses for a picture after his most recent visit to Touisset Country Club in Swansea!

Red Nose Day - Barrington Town Employee

After finishing up a job in Seekonk, a SERVPRO of The Attleboros representative was flagged down by a Barrington, RI town employee to snap a quick picture in support of #RedNoseDay!

Clowning Around - Seekonk Fire Department

Did you see us? SERVPRO of The Attleboros recently visited the Seekonk Fire Department to thank them for their hard work and to also spread the word about #RedNoseDay!

Entire Floor Dried

SERVPRO of The Attleboros removed all of the carpeting that had been soaked from a rainstorm in the family room of a Swansea home. We then placed the necessary drying equipment to make the flood, "Like it never even happened."

Unpleasant Surprise in Home's Basement

Ever wonder why your basement floods easily? Water follows the path of least resistance, finding cracks, and holes through basement walls. This home's basement in Somerset was dealt with the unfortunate situation of waking up with extensive water damage in their downstairs cellar. Our crews went in and made the situation, "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage Ravages Home Living Room

No room for error! SERVPRO of the Attleboros was called to a home in Dudley where a recent rainstorm had flooded the Living area. There was significant water damage. The owner could not believe how easily we were able to extract the water and remove the foul stench. 

Flooded Home Due to Massive Rainstorm

This was the aftermath of a rainstorm that, due to excessive groundwater, spewed water into the kitchen of a Seekonk home. There was significant water damage to the flooring and walls. The owner could not believe how quickly the drying process was. Our crews were out of there in a matter of no time!

Carpet Removal Reveals Mold Growth

SERVPRO of The Attleboros professionals were greeted with an unpleasant surprise when they were dealt with the task of removing an Attleboro home's downstairs carpeting. There was mold everywhere! Upon receiving the results from the mold test, our crews immediately went in and remediated the situation.

No More Mold!

This was the aftermath of a water damage in Westport. When SERVPRO of arrived on scene and removed the drywall, we were face-to-face with a large amount of mold growth. The mold had intruded the home's basement and our professionals were dealt with the task of remediating the situation.

Exotic Rug - Remediated After Kitchen Fire

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Linwood when our crews arrived on the scene. There was extensive soot and smoke damage on the surface of the main area rug. Since our crews knew that they were dealing with a delicate material, they managed to carefully and successfully make the damage, "Like it never even happened."

Home Fire Crumbles Ceiling

This was the aftermath of a house fire in Auburn when we arrived on the scene. There was significant soot and ceiling damage. The owner couldn't believe how quickly we were able to respond and clean the home!

Office Flooring Removed

SERVPRO of the Attleboros was called to a North Attleboro office building that had experienced flooding due to a recent rainstorm. Since the loss occurred over the weekend and the owner did not know until the following Monday, our crews had to remove the carpeting to ensure that no mold would have the chance to spread.

Commercial Bathroom Cleaned

SERVPRO of The Attleboros was called to a commercial office building in Swansea that had experienced a loss due to a clogged drain. As you can see in the photo, hazardous waste spread all over the floor. Our crews went in immediately and made the loss, "Like it never even happened."

Flooded Wall & Floor - Removed

This was the aftermath of a broken pipeline that found its way into a Seekonk home. Our crews responded equipped to attack the issue. We removed the infected rug and made sure that there was no mold growing underneath the drywall.

Watch out for Mud!

As you can tell by the photo, the recent rainstorm left this home's basement a complete disaster. Over two inches of water were recorded both inside and outside of the house. Although a challenge, our crews made the disaster, "Like it never even happened."

Flooded Basement Remediated

SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island responded to an Attleboro Falls home that had experienced flooding due to a heavy rainstorm. The rainstorm found holes and cracks within the structure and created a mess. Our crews went in, removed all of the water, and deodorized the area. 

Dehumidifiers & Air Moving Equipment

The most effective method of removing moisture from a structure is extraction. This is why it is critical to respond quickly to a water damage and to provide emergency mitigation services. When the water is extracted quickly, the environment can usually be dried much faster.

Basement Flooring Removed

After receiving substantial water damage, this home's basement required removal of all flooring. Had our crews not arrived in a timely manner, the spread of water may have caused the homeowner to consider a complete remodel of the basement.

Carpet Removed After Rain Seeped Through Broken Window

After a pretty serious rain and wind storm, a fallen tree had broken a home's family room window. Since the family was away at the time, the broken window allowed rain to sweep through the room and cause extensive damage to the flooring. Our crews were immediately dispatched and removed the infected flooring. 

Paneling Removed Post Snow Storm

After a most recent snow storm, the build up of an ice dam caused one Attleboro home to suffer extensive flooding in their basement ceiling paneling. Upon receiving confirmation of mold growth, the decision was then made to remove all infected paneling.

Rainstorm Ravages Paper Company

A few weeks ago, a heavy wind and rainstorm found its way into a paper distribution factory. Although no contents were damaged, our crews had to be especially careful when removing the water to ensure that no mold growth would ensue. 

Our Old Nemesis Strikes Again - Mold

SERVPRO of the Attleboros was recently called into an office building that had experienced a water damage in their basement. For quite some time, the slow but steady intrusion of water plagued the building and destroyed contents, like the bag shown here. We'll get you next time, Mold!

Warehouse Fire

Check out this amazing photo of an old warehouse building fire in Westport. Our crews were called in and we could not get over the amount of damage that had ensued. Here at SERVPRO, however, there is no job too large or too small. Within days, our crews made the disaster, "Like it never even happened." 

Old Fire Damage Finally Cleaned

For about a week, this Attleboro home had been plagued with the effects of a grease fire that spread smoke and soot all over the kitchen and family room. Our crews arrived and immediately got down to business and successfully remediated the situation. 

Small Fire at Local Gas Station - Cleaned

SERVPRO of the Attleboros was called to a local gas station that had experienced a small fire due to a car explosion. Since smoke and soot pose serious consequences if left untouched, we arrived prepared with the equipment necessary to clean the area and get the gas station up and running in no time. 

Commercial Water Damage

SERVPRO of the Attleboros was called to an office in Somerset, where a recent rainstorm had wreaked havoc on a school building. Knowing the potential mold danger(s), we immediately dispatched a crew to extract the water and remove the carpeting. Our customer could not have been happier with our prompt response time.

Asbestos & Insulation - Removed

Recently, our crews were called to a workplace where a musty smell was fermenting around the home of an old New England building. When we went upstairs, we noticed dampened and exposed pieces of insulation and asbestos. Identified as harmful materials, we immediately evacuated the area and took care of the issue. 

Commercial Oil Spill

SERVPRO of the Attleboros was recently called to a job site where oil barrels were knocked over and spilled all over a working platform. In order to get the commercial site up and running as soon as possible, our crews were immediately dispatched and made sure to clean each and every drop of oil. Once again, the disaster was, "Like it never even happened." 

Commercial Damage Restored

SERVPRO of the Attleboros was recently called to a commercial water damage in Attleboro. Mixed in with the recent snow storm, the buildup of water had found its way into the offices break room. Our crews were immediately called and made the situation, "Like it never even happened."

Mold Damage in Attleboro

SERVPRO of the Attleboros was recently called to a residential property to remove the siding of a kitchen wall that was plagued with a water damage. Upon removing the dry-wall, our technicians found a black and blue substance. Upon receiving confirmation that it was in fact mold, our crew(s) could then get moving on remediating the situation. 

Part of SERVPRO of The Attleboros Emergency Crews

Part of our crew at SERVPRO of the Attleboros pose for a photo outside of our equipment and service trucks. We would like everyone to know that we are available 24/7, 365 days a year, to service you and your family whenever a disaster occurs.

Protection of Property in Attleboro, Massachusetts

After a serious water damage to a home in Attleboro, our crew had to operate quickly and carefully as we removed areas of the ceiling. This type of work requires extra care, which is why in the picture above, we covered the homes contents to ensure no further damage. At SERVPRO of the Attleboros, we work to restore your home, all while working to protect your investment in whatever possessions you own.

North Attleboro Town Hall

After a long day of restoration services, Stormy and Blaze stop off for a photo in front of the North Attleboro Town Hall.

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Trip to Springfield, Massachusetts

The dynamic duo of Stormy and Blaze head up to Springfield, Massachusetts to pose for a photo in front of the Basketball Hall of Fame.

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Swansea, Massachusetts Town Hall

Stormy and Blaze goof off in front of the Swansea, Massachusetts Town Hall.

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Appearance of Mold in Studio Apartment

After moving band equipment that had been set up for quite some time, our professionals were face-to-face with a relatively large-sized mold dilemma. The tenant was shocked to learn that the musty smell in the area was in-fact the clustering of mold spores.

Residential Stairway Mold

Ever wonder what is underneath your stairs? Shown here is a picture from a basement stairs in an Attleboro home. Our crew arrived on scene and was amazed at how much mold had grown in the grooves of the wood! Disgusting!

Team McKendall Christmas Party

Holiday season brings holiday cheer. Team Mckendall & Associates had a blast celebrating the holidays at Spirito's in Providence, Rhode Island. We would like to wish everyone a fantastic holiday season!

Kitchen Fire from Oven

Pictured here is the aftermath of a house fire that originated in the home's oven. Once up in flames, the soot and smoke started spreading throughout the kitchen, leaving particles all over the walls, ground, and counters. Thankfully, no one was harmed.

Our Trucks

At SERVPRO of The Attleboros, our crews are ready to be dispatched to your home in case of an emergency, 24 hours/7 days a week! These professionals can be seen on highways, side roads, etc., in these beautiful, green, SERVPRO trucks!

Time for a Bath?

SERVPRO of the Attleboros was called to a home that was experiencing a sewage backup. As you can tell from the photograph, the raw sewage actually backed up so much, that it actually started spewing out into the shower tub. Our crew went in, dressed accordingly, and disinfected the entire area. Gross!